Healthy Lifestyle Trends – Health Facts and Figures


What do you care about your health? Are we making an effort to live a healthy life? What are our health and well-being? These figures and facts give us some insight.

Holistic health is more important than wealth

According to a survey conducted by the National Trade Association of Health Clubs, emotional and physical well-being is more important than money and careers. 1400 people were asked to rate various aspects of their lives as essential. 97 percent selected emotional well-being, while 96 percent chose physical health. Only 78 percent and 75 % selected money. Source: International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association

Healthy Lifestyle A Rare Commodity

Only 3 percent of Americans live a healthy lifestyle. This includes not smoking, being healthy in weight, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and not smoking. After studying the lifestyles of 153,000 people, researchers from Michigan State University East Lansing came to this conclusion.

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Source: Archives of Internal Medicine

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Strange Park Habits

According to Austin-Lehman Adventures statistics, only 10% of Americans ventured further than one mile from their cars last year. This is even though more than 276,000,000 people visited North America’s National Parks. Maybe we confuse parks with parking lots.
Austin Lehman Adventures

Healthy eating

A nutrient-dense diet that contains 10-25 percent fewer calories than the American standard can significantly reduce your risk of developing diseases as a result of aging. Six-year studies showed that middle-aged adults who ate 1,100 to 1,950 calories per day, which included 26 percent protein, 28% fat, and 46 percent complex carbs, had blood pressure levels comparable to those of 10-year-olds, and 20-year olds’ triglyceride levels.
Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

The Organic Plant Advantage

Organically grown vegetables and fruits can provide up to 60% more antioxidants. Researchers at the University of California, Davis found that organic strawberries, Marionberries, and corn produce higher levels of antioxidants when they are left to protect themselves from insects. The plants’ antioxidant-producing capabilities are diminished by pesticides.
Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Promote Healthy Vacations

According to a survey conducted by Reston’s Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, 94% of RV owners say that they live a healthier lifestyle while on the road. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association in Reston, VA, 40% of RV owners walk between three and ten miles per day, while 85 percent feel less stressed, and 75% prepare their own meals instead of relying on restaurants.
Source: Vehicle Industry Association

Do you prefer to run or walk?

According to Kenneth Cooper, M.D. at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas (TX), “Studies show that walking a mile takes 12 minutes, which is the same amount of energy as running a mile for nine minutes.” Cooper was the first to coin the term “aerobics”, and pioneered exercise to prevent heart disease. 65 percent of runners are injured, but only 21 percent walkers.
Source: Kenneth Cooper M.D. and Sports Injury Bulletin

Living for a Century

Tom Perls M.D. heads a study of centenarians at Boston University School of Medicine. You will most likely live to at least your mid-80s. According to the Census Bureau, 757,000 Americans will be 100 years old by 2045. Your chances of celebrating your 100th Birthday will increase if you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and quit smoking.
Source: Tom Perls M.D. and United States Census Bureau

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