Interesting Mobile App Trends And Future of Technology

Mobile App Trends

It has been more than half a year old and there have been many tweets, speculations, and researches (even Gartner) on the topic of mobile app development trends. There were many rumblings and almost perfect speculations. What trends are coming out and what aren’t? What is the number of right judgments?

We’re not talking about novice’s laser points, but developers and experts have identified the most intriguing and surprising trends that are moving on unpredictably. Let’s have a look:

Mobile App Development Trends Developers Need to Be Aware Of:

* Mobile Apps for On-Demand Delivery

Uber’s business model has fueled an on-demand boom and is now a more prominent player in the mobile app landscape. On-demand delivery apps have taken center stage in every industry, including the food and travel industries, commutes, healthcare, beauty, and service bookings.

* Smart Wearables to Rule the Over:

Although the market for smartwatches and fitness wearables was low in recent months, the market has seen a significant increase in adoption. We believe that wearable devices are a novelty and will be a big hit with people who understand what they can do. Wearable devices offer a lot of flexibility and are certain to continue to be a popular segment.

* Mobile App Security Shift:

App TrendsData is the gold buck that can be lost and could lead to security vulnerabilities. Developers need to adopt the most recent security practices and take strict measures to protect their app infrastructure and data. iOS is a platform that has always been known for providing the best security to its apps, without letting customers’ confidential information leak out. This is probably why it is considered one of the most expensive smartphone and gadgets companies.

* IoT (Internet of Things), world dominance continues

The concept of a smart car is not far from our minds. Devices like Apple Watch, Google Glass, and other devices have demonstrated that the internet of things will offer more opportunities to integrate advanced features into mobile apps. I will take mobility to the next level with a rapid market penetration for IoT apps, wearable devices, and more.

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* Stay connected to Material design

Material design, also known as UI/UX design trends, was, will continue to be an evergreen trend in the app market. Flat design is the foundation of material design. It has become the norm in UI/UX design. Material Design’s true form can be seen in Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube as well as the new and existing Android versions.

These are the top mobile app design trends developers are currently consuming and will not be going away in the next year. Explore the future beyond what you know. For more detailed trends news and advice about this topic, please see AC Studios.

The future of mobile technology looks bright, there is no doubt. The rapid advancement of mobile software and applications is evident with both smartphones, as well as tablet computers, becoming more popular. There’s an app to suit every need, whether you’re looking for a time-waster, high-tech task management tools, or a mobile media suite.

Many new app trends have been predicted by tech experts. Mobile apps that predict consumer needs are exciting news for app developers around the world. To anticipate what the user will ask for, information can be provided and used to help them make decisions. Apps that use data from our phones to analyze our usage patterns and predict what we might need the most will be able, in general, to predict what we will want next. This could come in handy for a variety of everyday activities, including suggesting birthday gifts, providing directions, and ensuring that you have the right recipes for your fridge.

There is a greater chance that mobile applications will provide alerts for users via SMS. These apps could provide updates on transport based upon location, alerts based on external pollen levels, or balance information from your Oyster travelcard. These are just a few examples of apps that require app development to be compatible with mobile hardware enhancements. However, this area is where technological advances are unavoidable.

App development is also working on predictive technology. It’s currently working to improve the technology behind augmented realities and computer vision. Google Goggles provides a great example for computer recognition and information provision. These intelligent apps of the future could be developed using unique networks and sensors on each device. Developers suggest that digital technology is still a vastly underused medium and that mobile apps have the potential to provide information on 3D and contextualized objects in a way that existing applications can’t. 

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