Motorcycle Accidents: Why Do They Happen?

Motorcyclists can experience freedom and exploration when they venture out on the road. Unfortunately, some of these rides end up in tragic collisions. There are many dangers motorcyclists must face, each of which could lead to fatal injuries or even death.

However, accidents involving motorcycles are significantly more likely to result in severe injury and even fatalities than any other motor vehicle. Even for the most skilled motorcyclists, the likelihood of injury following an accident is high due to inadequate protection. Rear-end collisions, left-turn accidents, head-on collisions, and side impacts are the most frequently occurring motorcycle accidents.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles are a common means of transport for many. However, they also carry a significant amount of danger. The consequences of a crash involving a motorbike are likely to be disastrous. Motorcyclists should know the common causes of collisions to avoid the pitfalls.

1. Roadway Hazards

Uneven pavement, rusty construction vehicles, and potholes in the midst are frequent sights on highways. Construction debris and tools also are an ever-present sight on roads. A car or truck might not be significantly affected by these hazards. Cyclists are more likely to veer, lose their balance or even crash into something. If they crash into objects on the road, they may swiftly sustain fatal injuries.

The number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities caused by motorcyclists colliding with stationary objects, such as light poles, guardrails, or traffic signals, is roughly 25 percent. Traffic hazards are a significantly greater risk to motorcyclists because of their smaller dimensions and less stability.

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2. Speeding

A majority of auto or motorcycle drivers drive at high speeds. Accidents caused by speeding can cause personal injuries and likewise be fatal. The ability of a driver to stop suddenly or react to any events occurring in front of their vehicle is reduced if they’re speeding. Because they lack the protection offered by a car that passengers enjoy, motorcyclists run an increased risk of suffering severe injuries or perhaps losing their lives in the event of a crash that happens at a rapid speed.

3. Visibility

Motorcycles are harder to spot in traffic as they’re smaller than cars and can blend into the background or be blocked by other vehicles or objects. It’s virtually impossible to determine where a motorcyclist is heading or if they plan to get in your lane while constantly swerving around.

Also, cars sometimes need to be made aware of motorcycles in turns to the left. If the bike is straight across the road, goes by car, or attempts to take over the vehicle, it is likely that the car will strike the motorcycle on the turn.

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4. Distracted or Drunk Driving

A car or motorcycle collision can swiftly become fatal when the rider or driver is impaired or distracted. Cell phone texting, eating, drinking, fiddling with the radio or GPS, and even talking on telephones are only a few examples of distracted driving. Distractions are dangerous because they reduce a driver’s reaction time to dangers.

Driving while impaired by alcohol is unlawful and can be fatally ill-advised such as death. The intoxicating effects of alcohol lead drivers to make snap decisions that put themselves and other motorists in danger.

5. Mechanical Failure

Motorcycles are complex machines with various moving parts that must be well maintained for the user’s safety. Motorcycles can be destroyed or damaged through manufacturing or design faults. A product liability claim may be possible if a motorbike defect brings on an accident.

Accidents can still happen regardless of the step to ensure that your bike is in good working order before taking it out on the road. You deserve compensation for the injury caused by the motorbike manufacturer and other companies in the distribution chain.

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